So fall is my favorite time of year with all the scents, activities and of course, Halloween! This Halloween, I got the bright idea (from Pinterest of course) that my boyfriend and I would dress up as Bob Ross and a happy little tree (since Bob Ross loves his happy little trees).  We got my boyfriend Andrew a wig, a jean shirt from Salvation Army, and lots of bronzer to make a faint beard! My costume was a bit more complex than his but Hobby Lobby hooked me up good. I made the squirrel out of felt, and glued fake leaves onto twine to make a headband and scarf leaf thing. We got me happy tree socks (yes if you look closely I have socks that have Bob Ross’ face on it that says happy trees, thanks Amazon) and I got my brown long shirt from Salvation Army too. Overall it was totally worth it because I love Bob Ross and I got a comment from someone who said that we won Halloween. Awesome costume idea that’s for sure. Happy Halloween!leahanddrew


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