Mackinac Island

Since the weather is getting colder and though I do love fall and winter months I do like to reminisce on this experience. This summer I finally went to Mackinaw City, the Upper Peninsula, and Mackinac Island with a big group of friends. I have never been to either of these things (even though I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life) so it truly was a treat to get to camp with friends and have a great experience that doesn’t involve being on our phones! Mackinac island is a very awesome place. I think the best part though is when we visited a fudge/ice cream shop, watched an emotionless man make fudge, and then we left but before that I plastered my face  on the window grinning at the fudge (because who doesn’t love fudge!) and preceded to make the emotionless man laugh and smile. I got free fudge from that. Other than fudge being with friends and getting to do awesome things like zip line, tree walk, hike and rock climb was truly one of the best moments I’ve had yet, fellowship is the best!img_0901


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